Your First Visit at our Center

The Initial Office Visit:

We begin with a personal consultation with Dr. Shmukler to determine your individual needs and health goals. This is followed by a thorough evaluation, taking your entire spine and nervous system into account and not simply your areas of chief complaint. We often locate disturbances that others have missed that can hold the key to successful health restoration.

The purpose of the examination is to determine if Dr. Shmukler is able to help the patient. Dr. Shmukler likes to make sure patient’s problems are coming from their muscles and joints (functional disorder). If the patient’s problem is a functional disorder, such as a disc problem, spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches, neck and back pain and not an organic disorder – infection, tumor, etc., then Dr. Shmukler will discuss the course of treatment that works best for you and your current situation. If the patient has an organic disorder, then Dr. Shmukler will refer them to the appropriate medical physician.

Your complete examination consists of a comprehensive medical history – the most important part of any exam and one that is often neglected – and a neurological exam. The neurological exam consists of different tests that assess the nervous system. Dr. Shmukler will conduct balance tests, muscle tests, and sensory tests to determine where in the nervous system the patient’s problem is.

Most of Dr. Shmukler’s patients have muscle and joint problems which are treatable. He will also address the “stressors” in your life that may be aggravating your painful condition.