What is Brain Plasticity?

Your brain has plasticity. What does that mean? Your brain can “rewire.” If you learn new things or have new experiences, your brain will take that new information in and make new pathways. If you suffered a brain insult, it has been shown that your brain can “rewire” and compensate for the damage.

People that have had strokes, for example, have regained use of their “bad” arm by strapping down their “good” arm and thus using or “retraining” their “bad” arm. Researchers looked at their functional mri’s, which showed their brain had actually “rewired!” Some cases were after 10 years! If these people can “rewire” their brain after a traumatic insult, is it possible for you, too, to “rewire” your brain? To “rewire” your brain you have to first decide you want to. Some of the best things for your brain are learning a new language or instrument, exercise, and eating a healthy diet.

Too often in middle age we get stuck in bad habits. We do not learn new things or have new experiences. This is horrible for your brain and body. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. To create a healthy brain and body, you have to learn new things and have new experiences.

~Dr. Dave