“I have suffered back, neck and side pain for about ten years. My pain was very bad in July. Doctors told me that I had a herniated disc in my back. For three straight weeks, I was in so much constant pain that it affected everything I did. I received four injections in my back and they did not help me at all.

Finally, out of desperation, I went on the Internet and found Dr. Shmukler. I did not think a chiropractor could help me. When I called the office, I got an appointment the next day. Dr. Shmukler said I had Chronic Pain Syndrome, which could be helped by “rewiring” the brain. He said my anxiety was causing the pain. I did not really believe him, but after the third visit, I began to feel better.

Today, almost three months later, I feel 75% better! What we have done is simple: Dr. Dave preaches to do new things to stimulate my brain, and it works! If anyone has chronic pain or weight loss issues, you must try Dr. Shmukler. He is excellent, and he knows how to help people. Most doctors do not pay attention to their patients and make the correct medical diagnosis. Dr. Shmukler does — he GETS it!”

Leo A. Granieri

“I’ve had back problems for a long time and have been going to the Chiropractor for years. Dr. Dave has helped my back pain very much and even especially throughout my pregnancy. I would recommend Dr. Dave to my family, friends and business associates because he is accommodating with fitting you in to see him and has helped me with my back pain.”

Kristan A.

“I found Dr. Shmukler while searching the Internet for back pain help. I walked in as a hunch-back and came out tall and straight. Am feeling much better with no pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Dave; he is very much in tune with all phases of the Chiropractic field. I feel very relaxed with him and he shares many ideas to help me improve my condition and general health.”

Jim W.

“Dr. Shmukler has offered me a different perspective on my pain and provided me alternative options to alleviating the pain without use of traditional medications. If you have already gone through the battery of doctors and tests to rule out serious health concern and are at a loss on what to do next, I highly recommend Dr Shmukler as not only can he provide Chiropractic care, but also life advice. It felt good to have someone actually listen and understand my concerns/problems/pain. He helped me understand why I had chronic pain and what I could do to try to teach my brain to think different, thus avoiding the pain. The pain is not gone yet, but I hope to continue the practices and recommendations provided by Dr Shmukler. He listens, he relates to you with his own personal health experiences, and he genuinely appears to really care about helping you! It’s refreshing to finally have a doctor who has good patient manners and works with the patient rather than in a vacuum.”

Drew C.

Gina’s Kennett Chiropractic Center Testimonial

A patient from Kennett Chiropractic Center shares her story of how Dr. Shmukler’s treatments have literally changed her life!